Prophecy: South African Based Zimbabwean Musician To Restore Zimbabwe – Ian Ndlovu

Pastor Ian Ndlovu of Divine Kingdom Ministries says a prominent Zimbabwean gospel musician based outside the country will restore Zimbabwe through worship.

In a vision, Pastor Ian said God will use the young musician to found a worship movement which will impact Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, USA, France and Italy.

He said the musician will conduct a tour in Zimbabwe’s ten provinces performing in main towns and cities.

Pastor Ndlovu said Business people will finance the project, this will signify a season of repentance, people going back to God.

God will anoint the musician and use him as his battle axe to cutdown trees of hatred, divisions, iniquity and pride.

Pastor Ian said God will raise the fame of his work as a horn of a unicorn, he will be celebrated by everyone including non belivers and the government.