Jethro Rusike of JCTV Zimbabwe explains that the leader of Rebels fighting in Mozambique is a former Commander in the Mozambique Army who knows the teritorry very well and will defeat any army that comes up against them.

Rusike says the history of the conflict originates in the discovery of oil and gas in Mozambique. American companies came in around 2012 and took samples after the discovery of Oil and Gas. However, they took too long to start operations and this frustrated the Mozambican government.

Russian Companies later came in and immediately stated operations thereby overtaking the Americans.

The Rebels captured the Commander and he disappeared for some time. When  he came back, he was now in charge of the rebel group. The rebel group started recruiting local, unemployed youths and training them.

The Rebel group has secured the support of the local community as they give them part of the loot every time they raid foreign shops and cargo trucks. The Rebels have also convinced the local communities that they will benefit from the vast wealth in their community if they support the rebels.

Rusike said Mnangagwa’s soldiers will be defeated as the Rebels are good fighters and only a country such as Egypt which has experience dealing with ISIS could be asked to assist.