PROPHECY : Chamisa Problems With A Woman To Reduce Him To An Ordinary Man – Prophet Advocate Joshua

Prophet Advocate Joshua delivered a prophecy regarding MDC President Nelson Chamisa on 5 May 2020.

Speaking Exclusively to Gambakwe Media, Prophet Advocate Joshua said he saw in a vision a woman refusing to keep quiet despite efforts by Chamisa to negotiate with her.

Please see the full prophecy below :

Take heed. I am saying today 5 May in the Year of our Lord 2020, the main opposition team needs a serious restrategising scheme. (Date inserted so that they won’t say you changed dates or edited it)

I don’t want to repeat this.

Looking at the scroll as given to me, the current leader (a very charismatic man), is about to face a combination of two problems.

Let me say it before you experience it.

I saw A WOMAN.

Now, when I talk about a woman many of you make conclusions of your own. But, pause for a bit….

Did I not talk about a woman making the whole difference in my 2018 election result prophecy video?

The woman I saw this time around affected the opposition leader.

Pray for him….

You cannot say you love the man if you do not pray for him.

That cannot happen.

This is the reason why certain events occur even after calling for intercessors to pray for their political candidate.

Do they pray? They often do not pray, they just want to go and vote for him emotionally.

He needs strength.

There is an event that I see occuring but the woman will be refusing to keep quiet. The woman has an agenda. She refused to keep quiet.

I know this woman as presented in the scroll.

Looking at what I’m seeing now, an emmisary in the form of a woman has been dispatched.

In this context, I am not just taking about one woman.

It sounds shocking to you but I tell you this all you who have dared follow our prophecies from the past, it always comes true.

I said WOMAN and this is a prophetic word.

That’s a red robot when you look at it.

The party needs to be careful and it’s leadership.

I saw 4 individuals trying to listen in to the fight but the leader tried covering it until it spilled over to their ears and it affected him.

There is more than that which meets the ears, they always say.

I give you nuggets.

You have to keep these things so that you know how to pray for your leaders.

They need you.

A very vibrant party, but the dangers besetting it are quite a number.

Will they win in 2023? Will they not win?

I will do a video prophetic message on that election result after deeply beseeching the Lord.

However, as of now, these are the challenges I see….

Secondly, if you look at the number of people praying for that party, they need to be increased.

I say so because one of the dangers I see is that of having the leader of the party becoming an ordinary man.

By ordinary, I do not mean useless. No. I mean becoming like all the other common political folk who lost control of political power.
The more I look into the scroll, I see pictures of a very successful future of a party but one which needs to restrategise because if it doesn’t it will hit another cul de sac.

We do not just preach. We preach with power. The word that I have always given you, has always been backed by power and it is that power which has controlling influence over even the political sphere of today.

Let those who have ears, hear what the spirit says to the nation.