Apostle Cassper Bonga – Zimbabweans Are Not Like Nigerians Who Value Freedom and Entrepreneurship

Apostle Casper Bonga said Zimbabweans are still a long way from attaining freedom.

In a video posted by Zekey media, Bonga said Zimbabweans can only celebrate the attainment of independence once they realise they are capable of being successful in their own land without the help of anyone.

He said there is no true freedom without shedding blood therefore, for Zimbabwe to fully celebrate its 40th birthday there was supposed to be war.

Bonga said, Zimbabweans are suffering from mental slavery.

Casper added that they were influenced to accept whatever situation of enslavement they are in as the situation they rightfully deserve.

He said liberty will only come when people realise that being on someone else’s payroll is not freedom rather it is a sign of slavery.

Casper commended the Nigerians who don’t take pride in working for a certain individual instead they strive to start their own projects.

Apostle Bonga concluded that freedom is when one is able to lead a peaceful, successful life without depending on anyone for a salary.