Prophet Makandiwa : Africans Are Being Used

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of UFIC ministries slammed African leaders for failing to take dominion over Africa.

During his online service on Sunday, Makandiwa said  African leaders are siding with the China the same people forcing African nationals in China to lead a life of a beggar.

Africans are being ill treated in China, they are being  chased out of their houses, forced to sleep on the road sides and under the bridges.

Makandiwa said African leaders should stop siding with all the brutalities and mistreatment against their own people.

He said its high time the Africans take charge of their own situations and stop receiving help from outside.

Moreover he questioned why Bill Gates is on the fore front in fighting the coronavirus after saying he wants to reduce the world’s population.

Bill Gates said “If we do well with covid-19 vaccines we can reduce the population and carbon emissions”.

Makandiwa questioned why the vaccines will be tested on Africans and how they are going to reduce the population if its not through killing people.