Mnangagwa Ignores Intelligence Recommendations To Fire Owen Ncube and Monica Mutsvangwa

Mnangagwa was advised to ignore friendships and prioritize nation building.

Tinashe Jonas has this afternoon revealed how ED Mnangagwa ignored a recent Intelligence report that recommended the firing of State Security Minister, Owen Ncube and Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa

According to the leaked intelligence report, Mutsvangwa was to be replaced by George Charamba, who intelligence operatives believe is more knowledgeable and experienced.

The replacement for Owen Ncube was not mentioned, but the authors of the report hinted that the ideal State Security minister must be someone with the relevant military and intelligcence background ( Someone who rose throught the ranks)

Jonas said the report, prepared jointly by CIO and Military Intelligence, also recommended that a competent Director General, namely Cde Nhepera, be appointed since he knew how to transform the system.

The report criticised recent government actions such as increasing of tollgates fees by ZINARA by over 500% which affected farmers and crippled the transport industry. Intelligence operatives also believed Owen Ncube was running a parallel intelligence operation.

The leaked report alluded to the possible existence of a third hand opposed to ED Mnangagwa which could be influencing the actions of certain officials around Mnangagwa.

The report also recommended the inclusion of the opposition into a Government of National Unit after a Cabinet Reshuffle.