Prophet Evidence Chari: Massive Losses Ahead for Forex Traders.

Founder and leader of the Thorn of Grace ministries prophet Evidence Chari has warned forex traders to pray hard for their businesses not to crumble.

He said he was given four visions by God all concerning forex traders.

In the first vision, Chari said he saw a very tall man standing on top of a mountain, next to him was a bull whose horns were locked to the ground, there was voltage coming from the man forcing the bull to struggle. The man “shouted bring back all the money from the platform”

Chari said the vision symbolises that there will be huge losses in people’s platforms. Many traders will cry after losing money after losing a lot of money.

The second vision, Chari said he saw parallel or vampire lines fading away from the market.

This symbolises that traders will struggle to place a trade because there is a hand removing the lines which will make it hard for traders to be successful.

In the third vision, Chari saw a black volume switch set from one being raised to eight.

This revelation shows that there is high manipulation Of the market because the switch was supposed to remain on one.

The forth vision, Chari saw a man being shot after accusations that he was a poacher.

The prophet said the vision reveals that the majority of traders have lost so much money. However God will protect every trader’s investment, he said.

Chari said God has released eight Angels that will help traders have better understanding, intelligence and great analysis skills .