Things will not look good for the opposition party supporters of the prophecy that was given by Prophet P Alph comes to pass.

Prophet P Alph has given a scary prophecy concerning the President of the opposition party in Zimbabwe MDC,Advocate Nelson Chamisa. He said it is only Grace that has driven and kept Chamisa where he is now and serious prayers are needed if the young leader is to stay on top.

The man of God said he saw a trap being planned for Nelson Chamisa, during the transition stage this thing will look like it’s for the benefit of Chamisa but it will in turn cause people to turn their backs on him. This plan against Chamisa will cause people to lose hope and trust in this young man and prayer has to be made to stop this especially before the next coming elections.

In his vision he saw Chamisa climb to the top and people celebrating him but a wind came and shook him causing him to slide down the mountain.

His hope was that he clang to a rock and managed to hold on.

The man of God warned of a worrisome time ahead for the opposition family.