Popular YouTuber Dan Lok Goes Into Self Quarantine

Dan Lok, a YouTube Megastar says Practical strategies are needed in times like these where people are impacted with the Corona virus.

People are panicking, they need leadership to provide vision of where we are going. We need to be self-reliant to tackle the situation.

He says everyone needs to get paid for skills, be a freelancer and work with more people, more companies. We also need to develop new skills and get paid for the results.

He suggests that people double down on learning by listening to podcasts, listening to other people because the world is on a slow down, we need to be prepared and get added knowledge.

We also need to expand and not contract. We need to to see opportunities and expand, we need to communicate because everything is on a stand still.

We need to cut our losses, we do not let our business define us, we can save a different market.

We also need to reflect, we should not lose perspective, what can we learn from this to protect our families and what can we do to move forward.