Pastor T. D Jakes postponed the church activities yesterday, and is taking precautions for the Corona virus, with emmediate effect.

Jakes said to ensure that they are adhering to the direction of of the leading health and government authorities, they are postponing the church activities, gatherings, auxiliary ministries, Sunday Service and Wednesday Night Bible Service.

“If you don’t close down your church in a crisis like this, you get critised, said Jakes.

He said people are being isolated and quarantined due to the virus which has killed a lot of people since it was detected.

Jakes said he prays that the cases of the pandemic do not multiply. He said God settles the unsettled.

He added that, nothing that happens in the world that was not prophecised in the Bible, he said we must not think its strange, it was meant to happen.

Jakes encouraged people to embrace their Christianity and have trust in God and soon Corona virus will be in our review mirror.