United Family International Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prophecy about a deadly disease destroying the world has come to pass through the spread of the pandemic coronavirus.

Makandiwa made chilling prophecies about a plague that was to attack the world from the sea in 2016 and 2017.

On the 20th of November 2016 at the City Sports centre, Makandiwa said:

“There is a deadly disease more than cancer or HIV originating from the sea, thousands of people if not millions will die,

There will be no cure,

Only prayer will slow it down,

it will be very fast and most people will seek God’s intervention while some curse him for the deadly disease”.

Two months after the prophecy, on the 7th of February 2017, he prophesised again concerning the deadly disease,

“I said it is a plague and it moves by air and there is a creature that I saw… and it’s (the virus) faster than any other disease known to man.

It will make educated people cry. It is a bird of the air because it moves by air.

Covering your nose won’t help cause it can get into you through your ears cause it’s a fowl of the air.

The numbers you’re hearing about affected people are a lie cause they are trying to manage it”.

To fulfill the two prophecy by Makandiwa, the coronavirus was confirmed almost three years after Makandiwa had made the prophecies, the plague has killed many people up to now and no cure has been found.

Over 50 thousand bodies are being cremated everyday in China.

The coronavirus rate of infection suggest that 60% to 80% of the global population could get the virus if its not brought under control.

The virus has turned medical systems upside down, international travel bans are being imposed, countries are being put in lockdown and innumerable deaths have occurred.

Makandiwa said: “Many diseases are yet to come originating from the sea not anywhere else”.