Leadership fights in the MDC Alliance have taken a new twist with factional fights now going public.

Privately, there are massive fights in whatsapp groups that degenerate into name calling and obscenities.

In one message seen by Gambakwe Media, members of the Youths Assembly are Accusing each other of sabotage.

MDC youth assembly Secretary General, Gift Ostallos Siziba is causing a rift within the party through disrupting youth programs.

Ostallos is dirupting youth programs by demobilising the people ahead of youth programs which only makes the party suffer.

Other provinces are properly working compared to Harare provinces because of so many differences between the party members.

Moreover, during the Masvingo rally Ostallos was not present to gather and mobilise people awaiting the party’s president. It is said, the youth Secretary General only appeared late with Chamisa’s motorcade.

Differences should be set aside and work towards building the party through program inventions which will see to a number of people coming on board.