A Zambia based Zimbabwean born pastor,David Ncube was nabbed by the Zambian Air Force after being busted attempting to smuggle drugs and stolen copper wires.

A member of the Mount Of Zion Christian Centre in Zambia, Kyka Ncube aka David Ncube was dramatically intercepted and arrested by the Zambian Air Force on the verge of attempting to smuggle the drugs and copper wires outside the country.

Mount Zion Christian Centre is led by the controversial Reverend Bruce Msidi and Ncube is one of the prominent spiritual sons at Mount Zion Christian Centre (known as the MoreHouse)

According to a witness, Pastor David was arrested movie style by the military officials and was blindfolded before being carted off to Lusaka where he has been languishing in prison since Sunday.

“Reverend Msidi’s spiritual son, Pastor David was arrested by the Zambian Air Force officials on Sunday in Mumbwa,

The source said.

“He and his colleagues were accused of being actively involved in the theft of some copper.

After a dramatic scuffle that attracted onlookers, they were eventually apprehended and blindfolded before being taken to Lusaka, using an army chopper, where they were interrogated on the charge.

“The officers also found an unspecified amount of mbanje and some narcotic tablets inside David’s car.”