1. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has blasted Malawian Politicians for politicizing his contributions to food aid.

Writing on Facebook, Prophet Bushiri said:

The food I am distributing across the country at a cheap and affordable price, is not meant to personally benefit any politician or businessman. Neither is it meant to appease the egos of bureaucrats and king makers.

Nobody should ride the wave of these gestures of goodwill to advance their own interests!

“I hereby humbly request and warn those at the forefront of this mischief to stop forthwith.

The food I am giving should NOT be politicized.

In fact, we should not even be discussing politics when people are dying of hunger. We should not discuss political ambitions, strategy, or benefit when people are suffering all over Malawi.

The people of Malawi cannot go to bed on politics. The wonderful people of Malawi do not eat politics. They eat food!”