Palesa Kambule now 40 years old grew up in Soweto and is the mother of 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

She had an amazing family who all passed on after her sister was murdered by her boyfriend at the time when she was already married to her first husband whom she says was very kind and a good father to her children.

After her family left her, she moved from Soweto to the Suburbs in Johannesburg and not so long after her husband suggested that she finds a job since she had done accounting and I.T. At school however she was reluctant to find a job as she was in grief of loosing her family.

After some time with the help of her husband she opened a saloon and some of her clients suggested that she gets into the tendering business.
She then started the business of tendering while she was doing some work for her husband as well and not so long after, she landed a tender of R19 million.

Thinking that this was some consolation from God for losing her family, fights started erupting between her and her husband on how they were going to spend the money to the point where her husband shot her with a gun.

After her husband was sent to jail for the murder attempt, she then filed for a divorce in hope that she would still keep her business after the divorce.
Palesa ended up dropping the charges against her husband and moved to Limpopo to continue with her business where her husband followed and tried to kill her for the second time.

After the second attempt to kill her, Palesa’s husband went and registered her company to his name and Palesa was left with nothing.
After sometime she got another job in Johannesburg which helped her acquire some properties which she rented out to foreigners who had come for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
This is when she started earning a lot of income which enabled her to buy herself a mansion and drive whatever car she wanted and ended up marrying another man.

She had been carried away in all the excitement that she was buying goods out of the country without clearance of tax.
Her businesses then started falling apart with her trucks malfunctioning and eventually she was in debt of over R300 million which led to the freezing of all her assets and money.
After this her husband left her while she was expecting her fourth child and eventually became homeless and seeked shelter at her friends house with her four children.

All of her friends abandoned her and after sometime she met a doctor who proposed to marry her and take care of her children.

She then moved in with the doctor however after a while the man started abusing her and her children so much that she decided to move out and left her children there.

She went back to her friends house where she was eating three meals a week, and tried to end her life many times which led her to start going to different churches and praying.

She then got a breakthrough where she was asked to assist in a business and eventually got elected as a deputy president of the Business Forum.

Right now Palesa Kambule is the CEO of the Mampuru Kingdom and also she is running some businesses in different provinces around South Africa.