Prophet Magaya Gave Bounty Lisa Money for Tumor operation

Lynette Musenji popularly known as Bounty Lisa gave thanks to everyone who showed their love during the trying times of her sick.

Bounty took to social media to show gratitude for all the support she received from different people.

“I want to thank God, Prophet W Magaya, PHD and everyone who wished me well. I don’t know how to thank you all so Thank you!!!”.

Bounty has been suffering from a tumour on her right thigh for five years however the first three years it was just a small bump under her skin, in 2019 it started to grow big which forced her to seek medical treatment.

She travelled to South Africa to have the growth removed, many biopsy tests and Xrays were done which later showed she was suffering from lipoma.

The growth started affecting her daily life and career.”It affected my dressing as in I couldn’t fit in any clothes, I couldn’t look after myself financially cause it affected my business”, she said.

After a full year of seeking help in many hospitals in South African, Bounty decided to come back to Zimbabwe and consult with prophet Magaya.

“The man of God told me I’m healed but I didn’t know that cause this problem had traumatized me to the point that I wasn’t thinking I was gonna be fine on my feet again”, said Bounty.

One week after consulting the prophet and using the anointed items the growth started to showing changes with its top opening to show staff inside.

She added that she went back to the prophet and he said: “Daughter you are healed, now here is the money go and have it removed to the hospital”.

Bounty is currently recovering from her home after undergoing a successful operation.