Popular Zimbabwean dancer, Beverly Sibanda has revealed how she climbed the ladder through her career as a dancer and a singer.

Sibanda says she has managed to make it in the arts industry even though there were hiccups here and there.

Bev said her first performance was in Gwanda and the payment that she was given made her leave the club as it was too little for her survival.

Sibanda rose to fame with Zoey whom she used to perform with under the name Red Angels.

They performed several shows which were held once a week, but these shows were not giving them much money. After realizing that pole dancing was not giving them enough money, Sibanda then taught Zoey Rhumba dance.

After some time, gossip started among the dancers, and Sibanda left the group and went solo, that is when she formed Sexy Angels.

She said she has managed to achieve quite a bit through her career, a house stand which she has started to build, she pays for her 11year old child’s school fees and she has a Kombi that ferries school children to school.

Sibanda said she planning to go to the United Kingdom for 3 months where she will perform at three different clubs.

Bev will also be launching her second album soon.