In the late 70s, ZAPU formed a government in waiting while in Exile and were ready to rule.

However, Joshua Nkomo was surprised when he lost the elections as Zimbabweans voted along tribal lines.

ZAPU were more well organized than ZANU PF and had a well designed business model.

At Independence, Joshua Nkomo left all the assets with ZIPRA and went into the new government with nothing.

However, ED Mnangagwa placed spied into the ZAPU structures and discovered all the properties and arms caches.

Misheck Velaphi, a former ZAPU Administrator has revealed more details on ZAPU properties. He has also explained how Mnangagwa got to know about the location of ZAPU Properties.

After the break out of Gukurahundi, ZAPU properties were confiscated as they were said to contain arms cache.

Velaphi claims that he was the highest ranking ZAPU fighter and he was the first person to figher in Zimbabwe.

ZAPU had a government in Exile, with all governmental positions in place. ZAPU was prepared to govern.

After being paid their demobilisation money, ZAPU were more organised and decided to start buying properties.

Some of the properties that was bought include:

Records – All ZAPU combatants and their real names
6.5 Million ( From ZAPU)
Nitram –
Magnet House ( CIO Head Office)
Houses All across Bulawayo ( Luveve, Mpopoma, Nkulumane, Kezi, Plumtree, Masvingo)
4000 Cattle
30 000 Chickens
Sekusile Supermarkets in Nkulumane
Ascot Farm 26km from falls road (700 Cattle)
Chicken/Pig Farm – Douglasdale
Farm in Gweru – 1500 Head of Cattle
Farms in Gwai – 800 Cattle
Kudu Motors – Mechanic training
Black Cat Removal – Transport for weapons – Bought by ANC

Arms Caches

ZAPU had arms Caches from ANC ( They would not disarm ANC)
ZIPRA had links with Umkonto we Sizwe ( People had IDs)
Mugabe/Mnangagwa knew what the arms caches were for the ANC


– Investigations into ZAPU were carried out by Rhodesians
– This information would then be fed to Mnangagwa


Mnangagwa has placed a number of spied within ZAPU, while the Apatheird government had also placed a spy in the ZAPUbBulawayo Office.


ZAPU Properties have now been taken by ZANU-PF who claims these moved across during the unity accord