The Great Zimbabwe was a 720 hectare city that flourished between roughly the 10th and 15th centuries A. D.

The people who built Great Zimbabwe were the Moyondizvo or the Bantu people and they lived in the bases of the country in Mapungugwe.

The Great Zimbabwe became the Mutapa Empire,the Kings lived with their wives, and the entire society.

Nyatsimba Mutota who was the son of the heart formed the Mutapa Empire. He was told to and extend the Empire.

Mutota conquered with strength, he would negotiate treaties with Empires.

There were three Kingdoms in the Heart Land namely :

Great Zimbabwe, Monomutapa and Rozvi Kingdom.

The Rozvi Kingdom was led by Changamire Dombo.

He was the general of the army, he was vicious, he fought off the Portuguese invaders and formed his Dynasty which was the Rozvi Kingdom.