Controversial preacher Apostle  Tavonga Vutabwashe accused both Zanu-pf and MDC of having members who are against change.

In his hashtag pray for Zimbabwe day 19, Vutabwashe said hypocrisy is at its peak in the main political parties with some members enjoying the Zimbabwe situation whereby the rich benefit at the expense of the poor.

Vutabwashe urged people to pray for the country as hypocrisy has been commercialized and some big wigs are awaiting to cause havoc and commotion.

Vutabwashe said the attendance by ED Mnangagwa at the ZAOGA church service was a signal that something good was in motion however, he is going around with the wrong people who don’t want change and aim at destroying rather than building.

Vutabwashe said it has come to a point where people of Zimbabwe should pray for the death of the destroyers, cry tears of blood so that God intervenes.

Vutabwashe condemned Chinese influence in political and economic affairs of the country, comparing them to the white colonisers during Rhodes’s rule.