Gambakwe Media Sources have revealed that  General Chiwenga has put armed guards at the Harare school where his children attend.

This was done to prevent Mary Chiwenga from taking the children even if the Courts rule in her favor.

This follows the High court judgment last week which ruled in favor of Mary.

Chiwenga feels the courts are rigged against him.

Chiwenga also seems to be losing the support of the Judiciary, who slammed him in recent judgements and he is now increasingly relying on his military connections to enforce his power.

Chiwenga this week complained in a letter to High Court Judge President, George Chiweshe, after he lost the judgment in a spoilation case last week.

Chiwenga claimed the judgement was leaked to Mary Chiwenga by the Judge President who is related to Mary Mubaiwa.

Mary reportedly went to the children’s school armed with the ‘so called’ judgement and the school called Chiwenga to confirm.

Upon inquiry, it was found that the judgement was not yet in the court registry.

The latest move by General Chiwenga seems to indicate that he is unlikely to respect the judgment if it is in favor of Mary.