China reportedly refused to release a copy of the Coronavirus to the Worl Health Organisation.

Scientists in Melobourne, Australia have now managed to grow a copy of the Coronavirus in a lab from a patient. This is the first virus copy outside of China.

– China had the only copy of the virus
– Australia has now recreated the copy of the virus
– Released some images but refused to release the actual virus to the WHO
– The discovery in Australia will allow testing, who can now send it to labs across the world

Countries Are now Holding Chinese Arrivals In Quarantine Before they allow them in:
– Australia ( Christmas Island)
– Britain plane delayed ,not cleared
– Canadian Student stranded in Wuhan

Infections – 8000 ( All 31 Chinese Provinces Now infected)
Deaths – 170 up from 32 yesterday
Outside China – 100 Confirmed Cases

New Cases in the following countries

– Italy, 6000 being held in  a cruise ship after a case detected
–  Phillipines
– Australia
– Canada
– Ivory Coast

Situation in China

1. Many resident of Wuhan who left over the lunar new year have been unable to return home.  Plans Underway to hire charter lanes to get them in.

2. Hubei Severe shortage of medical supplies hit.  Some medical staff wearing raincoats and using disposable garbage bags as shoe covers to protect themselves.

3. Australians wanting to leave Wuhan will need to pay $1,000 to board the Qantas flight that is being chartered quarantine them to Christmas Island for 14 days. After their stay on Christmas Island, they will be dropped off in Perth and have to pay their own way to their city of residence, the outlet reports.

Missing Infected People In Australia

4. A 44-year-old Chinese national from Wuhan in Hubei province, arrived in Melbourne via Singapore as part of a two group in 22 January, five days before feeling unwell.

He developed symptoms on a flight from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in Queensland on Tiger Airways flight #TT566 on 27 January, arriving at 8.45pm.

Authorities are attempting to contact other passengers on that flight. He was travelling with eight other people, all of who are in isolation in Gold Coast University hospital. Four of them are unwell and are being tested for the virus.

Zimbabwe Update
– Nothing New

Biggest Dangers

There are a lot of people who have came into contact with infected people on planes.