A well known Zimbabwe journalist has revealed that Mary Chiwenga, when she was still in good books with her husband, General Chiwenga, sent soldiers to beat up her father, Keni.

This was following a domestic dispute involving Mary’s parents. Keni was allegedly dating one of Amara Brown’s friends and had either moved out or had chased Mary’s mother.

Mary reacted by sending soldiers who then beat up Keni and warned him against his actions.

This incident reveals that General Chiwenga has always had a tight grip on the Zimbabwe Military. He has also always abused the Zimbabwe military to settle his own personal disputes.

With regards to events currently taking place: the loss by General Chiwenga at the High court show that General Chiwenga is losing his grip on the Zimbabwe Military.

However, the question that arises is what is the role of Oppah Muchinguri in the military activities of General Chiwenga?

ED Mnangagwa is trying to take over in terms of controlling the Zimbabwe Military using the courts.

The Zimbabwe military has been used for personal purposes for a long time.

In countries like South Africa, its very rare to see soldiers or to even see Army Generals in public life.

Some people have never seen a South African soldier or a General!

However, in Zimbabwe, the army is involved in the daily political activities.