Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that Edith Chibhamu and Zuva Habane are involved in an intricate spying ring that involves multiple countries.

Pardon Gambakwe received a call from a woman called Deborah in October 2019. During the course of various discussions, she eventually said she is a Dubai based business woman who is the the daughter of Vitalis Zvinavashe (Late) .

She disclosed that she had Presidential Ambitions and wanted help with communication building her brand.

She also disclosed that it was in fact Perence Shiri and not General Chiwenga who was Plotting a Coup.

At this stage, Edith, still posing as Deborah, disclosed that she was working closelt with the CIA and some American Billionaires.

She suggested that Pardon Gambakwe should provide his passport and picture for the visas to be processed.

As time went own, Pardon Gambakwe became suspicious as she shifted her story. A request was made for Deborah to send R5000 to secure a secret venue for a meeting, which did not materialize.

Gambakwe then sent someone to Dubai to see Deborah. It was after this meeting that it was established that Deborah was in fact Edith Chibhamu.