Today, Saviour Kasukuwere has reflected on the November 2017 coup, particularly the day 16 November.

On 16 November, it is reported that armed soldiers (snipers) stormed Kasukuwere’s house as they were hunted as part of the G40 criminals supporting the then president Robert Mugabe.

Kasukuwere is said to have had been tipped and escaped out of the country by the help of Grace Mugabe.

Writing on his twitter site, Kasukuwere said “Thank you Lord for covering and protecting our families. Without your kindness, today and this morning, 24 months ago, it could have been a different story. President Mugabe,(MHSRIP)and First Lady Amai Mugabe, Siyabonga. Kusatenda huroyi. God is powerful .

Some of the exiled G40 members include Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao.

Kasukuwere is rumored to be habouring presidential ambitions.