The ruling party , Zanu Pf has tried to do almost everything to empower its youth.This year it went from building a bakery to digging a malaria breeding site at their Headquarters in Harare.

The mosquito breeding area which which came by the name of fish farming was launched at the Zanu Pf headquarters located in Harare C.BD.

The big hole full of water named as the fish farm was said to be the for fish farming training for Zanu Pf members to consolidate its drive on self projects.

Others have welcomed the idea of empowerment and this project but feel it could have been done somewhere and not at headquarters offices in the heart of the City.

Some other citizens are concerned about this dug hole , the fish farm as they feel it could be next to the build bread ovens and that is not hygienic.

Zimbabweans around the world came forward with other ideas of how they should have built it since we are now in the 21st century to avoid mosquitos and water pollution which can lead to many problems in the city of Harare.