6 Secret Facts About Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

1. He was rejected by the Bible School.

He was rejected countless times from the Living Waters Bible school. The Dean at that moment couldn’t just enrol him to the extent that his father Sekuru Makandiwa had to dump him at the principals house. That is when he began to study theology at the Living Waters bible school.

2. His Ministry started in the fields.

Before he practically ministered for thousands of people during church services, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa first exercised his faith by ministering to maize cobs whilst in the fields in Muzarabani, he would pray for the whole field without stopping hence his ability to minister to such a big church.

3. Even his Bible School colleagues could not see a calling in him.

His bible school colleagues looked down upon him vachinzi “Havana chinhu” meaning he has nothing to offer in terms of the word of God but surprisingly he mentors most of those pastors. Dynamite usually comes in small packages.

4. AFM only gave him 3 months to exist.

AFM where he left before starting UFIC gave him only 3 months to exist, but look at the ministry 2018 it celebrated 10 years of Grace and it’s still going. It’s it’s for God then there is nothing a man can do to stop it.

5. Every UFIC Member was somehow prophesied to before they came to church.

Before the UFIC Ministry came into place Prophet Makandiwa would go on the streets and prophecy to every person who is now a member of UFIC who is coming to church today(that I want you to come to church, without the person knowing)

6. God started revealing phone numbers to him way back before many could call him Prophet.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was the first one to call his brothers number who has gone into exile without giving anyone his number. The SIM card and handset were both being used for the first time but God revealed to him because he wanted his work to go further. His brother is the one,who witnessed prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s calling.