After almost 40 weeks of doctors striking , Energy Mutodi had something negative to say and radio personality Misred did not take it well.

Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Hon. Energy Mutodi assured striking doctors that once they are dismissed there will be no re-hiring.

He said that no one is above law nomatter the kind of profession and that doctors should comply with the court’s orders.

This did not go well with Misred who said that ,

This rhetoric sounds vindictive and worrisome. To go on and even say you will make sure they won’t be hired elsewhere is alarming coming from someone who represents Government. May God be with you Sir.

Samantha Musa known as Misred as a public figure has been very fearless to air her views to anyone regarding the livelihood of the people.

The Zimbabwean doctors’ plight of striking from their duties has been reported as not having basic equipment to use in hospitals