In a Shocking Prophecy posted on Instagram, Prophet Tanna Israel had this to say about political events in Zimbabwe :

Prophet Tanna Israel

These last two months we are entering, the month of November and December many people will have to take a different path for them to arrive or else they will not make it if they remain in the same path.

People will try and understand and question why some things are happening in a certain way and why they are happening too fast and most of them are coming from people who no one would ever guess they can be the one.

A brother will be going against a brother and a sister against a sister, father against sons and mother against Sons and daughters.

I saw vice presidents that will be laid to rest and I asked the lord as I cried why all this was happening too fast and the Lord spoke to me saying my people have lost mu ways and have turned their backs on me, I cried and as I was crying I saw week in week out people coming from burying a man of God and there are others outside a mortuary coming to collect a body of another man of God.

Tanna Israel Prophecy on Instagram

Many believers will have to take a different path so they arrive because if this will not happen, I saw disaster.
The Lord said some people he will take in order to protect them.

There is a country that has rejected man of God, has rejected its people and has given the country to the devil.

I saw between 2021 and 2022 GOD JEHOVA will remove the President of that specific country and any person who is an agent of the devil in that government.

After all this the spirit of the spirit of God will go on a certain man that many people will even be shocked as his takeover of presidency in that country.

People will be in shock but the Lord says he will give that man strength and heavenly wisdom that he will make Jesus the centre and anchor of that country. People will be saved and that African country will become very very powerful.