Zuva Habane and Edith Chibhamu Bring Hope To Zimbabwe By Lessening Powercuts and Fuel Shortages

Social media influencer Zuva Habane is officially a real life influencer after teaming up with Humanitarian Edith Chibhamu to bring in investors.

The Dubai based business woman , Edith Chibhamu who is also a board member for Greenspan has convinced investors in Dubai to inject over a billion dollars to Zimbabwe.

They are to start an energy plant in Zimbabwe to lessen current powercuts and fuel shortages in the country which have been serious issues this year.

The Greenspan investors who include Mr William Zvinavashe hope to work with the government closely in all their areas of investment.

From Edith Chibhamu’s previous post we can see this mega deal will also help with funding in developing health , food security and construction in Zimbabwe.

Zuva Habane has been praised by Edith for being a shark in the boardroom and a natural in the corporate world