Fullname: Diyonne Tanaka Tafirenyika

Born On :June 11, 1998

Known As : Diyonne Tanaka , Demented Ambition and Cyclone Diyonne

Spouse : Stunner Da Des Desmond Chideme

Children : Kyra Owami Chideme , Celeste Chideme (stepdaughter)

Harare Girls High

Personal Life

•She grew up in Sunningdale with her mother who is now married to another man.

•She is the first born on both her mother’s and father’s side and that made her to grow fast as she started working whilst in high school.


•She started modelling in her early teen years.

•She began trading in Designer Fashion and Accessories, and doing corporate modelling and PR work.

•Whilst attending a Corporate Photo shoot in Mazowe, Glendale she was offered a lift by rapper , Desmond Chideme.

•She took this as an opportunity to receive advise on how to venture into the music industry.This is how she became close to Stunner.

•She is one of the models who were groomed by the legendary Mercy catwork Mushaninga.

•From a 2016 instagram video she appears with Geraldine GD you can see she also ventured into tv presenting.


•She became more famous in January 2017 as the alleged homewrecker for Stunner and Olinda’s one year marriage.

•Olinda found Diyonne’s belongings in her matrimonial bedroom.

•From chats which were shown by Olinda in one of her live videos , there was a conversation between Stunners sister refered to as Tete Kiri and Diyonne talking about abortion and gave birth 11 months later

•Diyonne would do posts to spite Olinda mentioning being overweight etc.

•The model would post pictures and videos in Stunners and Olinda’s house.

•Cyclone Diyonne also made headlines when Zaleekah Khan responded to Stunner on social media saying she told her he beats her.

•Stunners tried to apologise to his wife after humiliating her in public on his birthday party
but she was not having it as she called him fake and clout chaser on instagram.

•She has been linked to having sexual relations to the Mugabe boys by her haters on social media.

Awards and Accolades

Miss Harare Junior (Miss Personality)
Miss Teen Universe
Miss Teen Heritage (1st. Princess).