EXCLUSIVE: Rutendo Secret Recording : Zimbabwe Military Intelligence Hunts Tinashe Jonas, Tino Mambeu

A secret recording obtained by Gambakwe Media has revealed that a task team made up of SADC Military Intelligence agents has been set up to hunt and capture Tinashe Jonas and other suspected militant Zimbabweans such as Tino Mambeu.

Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that a secret high level meeting of concerned intelligence agencies met after the video of Tinashe Jonas in a secret military base surfaced.

It can be revealed that various strategies were discussed including information gathering, surveillance and neutralization of the suspected militant Zimbabweans.

Rutendo Benson Matinyarare, in this recorded conversation, insists to Tino Mambeu that they had discussed the acquisition of military hardware from former Rhodesians in the Diaspora.

However, Tino Mambeu rejects this and insists that the meeting was an innocent discussion on democracy and human rights.

Todd Maforimbo, a Zimbabwe Activist based in the UK, Secretly jetted into South Africa and met with Tino Mambeu and Rutendo Benson Matinyarare. Rutendo claims that he kept quiet about this meeting but has a recording of the meeting which he will release into the public domain in due course.

Tino Mambeu is Zimbabwean businessman in the electrical industry, who is known for his Activism and was often seen with Morgan Tsvangirai, his relative. Tino briefly supported the ED Mnangagwa Government and Called for Dialogue in its initial days, but has became a Nelsp Chamisa backer.

Rutendo is a well known anti-sanctions campaigner and Mugabe policies admirer and has recently been suspected of doing international Lobby work for ZANU PF.

Tinashe Jonasi is a well known Activist in Zimbabwe, but is not seen as a threat.

These new revelations will bring a new dimension to the Zimbabwe debate as many Zimbabweans now see a military Confrontation as a possible course of action.