Outspoken legislator for Norton has confirmed reports that he has been dragged to court by the Chinese and is awaiting trial for disorderly conduct.

Mliswa claims the Chinese attempted to kidnap him after he laid a siege on the factory alleging that they were not adhering to local laws by importing Chinese labour, engaging in illegal gold mining and abuse of Zimbabwean workers.

Mliswa said “The Chinese have taken me to court for disorderly conduct and the matter has been passed down for trial.

If the system is so much interested in this matter, l challenge the Prosecutor General himself to lead,” said the MP.

He added that the charges were a waste of resources.

” These flimsy charges are a waste of my time and tax payers money.

Yesterday i attended with my lawyer Masindo Hungwe and the witness didn’t even turn up” said Mliswa.

However, reports state that the rivalry began when Mliswa’s proposal to purchase or hire equipment and labour on behalf of the factory was denied.