1.Mai TT Felistas Edwards

Mai Tt is the most outspoken and talented comedian.She rose to fame with her Mai Tt for Baba Tt comedy series.Her voice and dance moves make it easy for to win hearts of fans.

2.Madam Boss

Very controversial yet so entertaining.She has managed to showcase her alter egos in the past years.From madam boss to Dudzai to any kind of role , Tyra still nails every part.

3.Mai Bibi Thelmar Mukonza

She is the future of comedy.The talented comedian came to the public eye with her debut in Lorraine Guyo’s skits.She now has her own show and gets about 13 000 views on youtube in a day.

4.Samantha Gonyeti Kureya

You can never finish a sentence with comedy in Zimbabwe without mentioning Gonyeti.She is also a Queen of Stand Up Comedy.

5.Lee-Joke Sokostina

Show me a fashionista or a stylish woman in Zimbabwe who can surpass Sokostina’s sense of style?? She has proved that comedy can be expressed through the art of fashion and raising awareness on enviromental issues such as recycling.

6.Sharon Maggie Chideu

Maggie is a talented , soft spoken and posh comedian.She is probably the funniest because of her looks , you can never expect the funny suprises she can dish out.

7.Lorraine Guyo

The fastest growing comedian and breakout star of 2019.Her new series , Not My Son channels her acting and comedy talent.Very calm and shy yet so humorous.Big Things are coming in her way.