Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency Temba Mliswa has accused Justice Mayor Wadyajena of being involved in unscrupulous dealings with Steve Morland who was given a 5 year contract worth 100 million/year to supply inputs to the Presidential Inputs Scheme (PIS).

Steve Morland owns the 9 year old Fertilizer Seed Grains (FSG) company which was awarded the tender yet their fertilizer prices are amongst the most expensive per tonne.

FSG’s fertilizer prices are pegged at $900/tonne while local manufacturers have completing prices pegged at $500/tonne.

Mliswa questioned Wadyajena’s source of wealth and his silence towards Steve Morland.

“Wadyajena started well in questioning Morland and then he went quiet.

Now he owns a Lamborghini and imported 15 trucks, mere coincidence?” said the MP.

He added that unless there is a justified source of income, one is left wondering especially when questions regarding Wadyajena’s source of income remain unanswered.