Top 15 Most Influential Zimbabwean Women On Facebook

1)Fungai Lee Kampira

Gospel Dj Unlocked is the first ever Zimbabwean gospel dj.She is a business woman , owns Empire Events , a hair business , a mom and a wife to Tawanda Kampira.

2)Zuva Habane

Mostly known as Urban Tete , Zuva is one of the most infuential women.She is a former beauty queen and now a plus size model.She attracts more than 1 000 likes on her posts.She is also a brand influencer

3)Jackie Ngarande

One of the most followed and famous models on Facebook.She has a strong connection with her fans.She is the first celebrity to help raise funds for Gringo.Jackie also use her platform to help women in need.

4) Lee Ncube

From Gokwe To The World !!! Lee Ncube is the owner of The Wig Centre.She goes from helping women with skills to take care of their families and even men.She is one of the realiest people you can ever come across.

5)Tatelicious Karigambe

Besides her other side of brawl stiring , Queen Of Enetertainment owns her crown.She uses her platform to raise awareness on H.I.V and AIDS.She is also a human rights activist.

6) Thelma Will Gracefold

The first Zimbabwean woman to launch her TPC Mobile android phone company , when she was only 23 years old.She is now a pastor and uses her platform to share the word of God and empowering women on and offline.

7) Nomathemba Ndebele

From Controversial Queen To Queen Posh , she is definately a facebook success story.The Fashion Mogul is one of the most followed Zimbabwean women on Facebook.She goes straight to the point and is all about making money moves.

8) Florida Rumbidzai Mapeto

She was one the first Zimbabweans to be called Felebs.She is usually involved with young women , and educates people about social media.

9) Ruby Lyn

She started off as a small makeup youtuber.She has halped many Zimbabwean woman from all over the world through her group , Kugeza NeRunako naRuby Lyn

10)Shorraine Chifamba

Her Facebook Group Mucheno wemusoro , nails and poda has over 103 000 women. She inspires women through beauty and managing beauty business.She has done makeups for big names in South Africa .

11)Melly Mamoyo

She is a business woman and one of the founding members of the most joined group Mvenge Mvenge EzemGido.Melly is a peacemaker and unifier.She never allows people to hold grudges against each other.

12)Cynthia Bizure Sithole

She owns JanJam clothing shops and has added grocery and detergents to her business.She is all about women empowerment and a hardworker.She is one the first people to give Lorraine Guyo hope after her viral video.

13) Gire WaMai Gire

The philanthropist.She rose to fame when she was bullied for her looks in a women’s group.She is passionate about helping the needy and raising funds for donations.

14) Tiara T Gendi

Such a bold , beautiful and fashion iconic woman.Tiara uses her platform to empower men and women.She has a good heart and a free spirited personality.She is also human rights activist.

15) Thelma Chagaranesango

Thelma is a stylish young woman.She gets more than 1 000 likes on her pictures.She is known for her makeup and fashion status.If you want to learn how to match clothes and slay in a classy way , she is the right person to add.