Olinda Chapel can never stay out of drama. She is a drama queen and always has some shade to throw.

Despite protecting and Defending Tytan last week when he had a play date with his daughter.Olinda’s emotions always change from a zero to a hundred.

This time Olinda has resorted to insult Tytan’s mother for raising a man like him.She did that by writing a lengthy passage on instagram.

She used her elder son Sean as the reason for the post , but the contents of the post clearly shows how she is trying to send a message to Mrs Nkomo on her parenting skills when he raised Tytan.

Olinda has always complained about Tytan not taking care of their daughter Nandi.She even said Tytan never bothers to call or talk to the 6months old baby.

If the passage was genuinely really meant for Sean , then it reveals how Olinda wants him to be a better men to be responsible for his action unlike Tytan.