On the video is Mr Munyaradzi ‘s table full of Zimbabwean products in Philipi Cape Town.

Mr Munyaradzi is making a living from selling Zimbabwean products. He is self employed. He does not sell any South African products fearing locals will accuse him of taking their clients .

Products on his table range from matemba, soya beans, groundnuts, nyimo, Royco, peanut butter, sunlight jam, dried maize, chunks, boiled and dried vegetables, cooking sticks ( mugoti) small stones used for washing and many more.

Prices are expensive here. 100 grames of matemba R13. 100 grames of dried maize R13. 2L mazoe costs R100.Once products cross the boarder prices change. There is high demand as Zimbabweans in Cape Town crave for Zimbabwean products such as Matemba and Mazoe.

Asked if him and other Zimbabewans doing the same trade were safe, Munyaradzi said they have no choice as life is difficult both in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Foreigners in South Africa get robbed or killed when doing their businesses. X3nophobic attacks claimed lives of many foreign nations including Zimbabweans.