Linda Masarira has blasted the Zimbabwe Republic Police for unlawfully detaining a young female journalist who was just carrying her duties.

Linda Masarira argues that journalist should not be arrested for carrying their duties. She also says that an attack on one woman is an attack on all.

Below is the open letter Linda Masarira wrote to the ZRP handle on Twitter.

Dear Police zw

Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy. Ruvimbo Mildred Muchenje is a journalist who has every right to execute her duty to ensure every Zimbabwean enjoy their fundamental right of accessing information as enshrined in section 62 of the constitution.

An injury to one woman is an injury to all women and we will not be silent when you continue to violet our human rights to personal security section 52, freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment section 53 and access to information section 62 of the constitution.

I condemn the barbaric acts of the police on Ruvimbo Muchenje who was just executing her duties as a journalist. There is no one who is above the law, neither is there an institution that is above the law. As such,  l expect to see the full wrath of the law on Police Zw