I am not married because l got pride: mourns Jackie Ngarande

Jackie Ngarade has come forward on social media to open up about her side of life people on social media never knew.

The Celebrity ZW owner , seeked for help from her fans whom she told she has pride.Jackie says she can never say sorry but can only cry about things that hurt her.

She even confessed that she has lost of relationships because even if she is wrong , she can not apologise.She said this has affected her love life.

The model says she goes to an extend of forgeting that a certain man even existed in her love.She says she convinces herself that with or without a man nothing changes in her life.

Jackie opened up about her financial independence and also that her pride makes her think that she does not need a man physically or emotionally


Jackie said this problem will be the cause of her downfall and requested for help from her fan on how to stop this kind of problem towards men.