Mudiwa Hood was roasted with all kinds of insults when he announced that he changed his government from Mtandwa to Hood.

One of the people who came strong on him is a rival rapper Stunner , who made a post making fun of him and his new name.

Mudiwa had to explain how his great grandfather , a German had a mixed child with his great grandmother.They later remarried to other people because their union was not accepted because of racism back then.

Mudiwa’s grandfather was given a name from where his mother remarried.This makes Mudiwa not related to the Mtandwa’s but only to his siblings and cousins from the German lineage.

Mudiwa shared how his father was proud of him for taking a bold step change his name whilst he is still alive.It was his father in the first place who asked him to do it.

Mudiwa Hood who just became a father recently of is very happy about using his real name and very proud that his children will be called by their real name.