I saw Mnangagwa’s fall- Chiwenga.

The Jesus Revelation preacher claims to have seen it all before it manifested itself, the season of the new dispensation.

In a street church service he clearly said that he prophesied that this year would be difficult and now people have come to agree that second republic is the most difficult of all the times that Zimbabwe has gone through.

The controversial preacher said that Mnangagwa only specializes in punishment. The only measures that he had used ever since he came into power are price increases in fuel,in basic commodities, this second republic government only knows how to threaten people with introduction of stern measures “10 years in jail for fire dealers, “Shamhu inemunyu”for law breakers.

Nothing good has come out of this government ever since it took over from the Mugabe regime.

Mnangagwa is a serious tormentor, always planning on tormenting people even when nothing that deserves punishment has been done said the Apostle