Bulawayo’ s unholy AFM pastor in trouble

A junior unholy pastor from Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Church in Bulawayo is in trouble after revealing his 4- 5 to female congregants.

Pastor Babylon Nehemiah based in Umganwini branch Bulawayo is accused of revealing his private parts to female church members as well as other women residing in the same neighbourghood. He has taken his trade to women outside the church .

Umthunywa a widely respected news paper in the city of Kings reported that the pastor is in trouble as many women have come forward accusing him for his unholy practices .

Mr Nehemia who is said to be residing in the church premises is reportedly targeting young ladies wearing mini skirts.

There was a massive confrontation on Saturday as the community members stormed the church at Umganwini.

Mr Nehemiah did not ask for forgiveness . He accused ladies for wearing revealing clothes. Residents are angry with the pastor . They are threatening to press charges against the unholy pastor. Residents are making efforts to meet his superiors.