ZEC signs New Political Party

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has acknowledged receipt of a new political party called the Zimbabwe People Party (ZPP).

Reports show that in April 2018, the Commission had registered 112 parties with ZPP increasing the figure to 113 this year.

In a notification of Existence directed to the party, Deputy Chief Executive Officer JP Chigidji said “Your organization has been included on ZEC’s stakeholder database and mailing list for notifications when appropriate meetings that require your input,” said Chigidji.

According to the party’s Facebook page, ZPP Director of Protocol Isheanesu Zinyoka said he is mobilizing people around Zimbabwe to join the party.

“I spent two weeks going around our country encouraging people to join and support ZPP.

I am pained to say that our country resembles a long abandoned homestead (dongo). My own Gokwe Central is bleeding with poverty like all other constituency ,” he said.

However, the president’s name is currently unknown but previous reports quotes the party saying they will vote for one when the party becomes fully structured.