Millicent Tsvangirai has reflected signs of capture by ED Mnangagwa. She has betrayed her late father’s ideology.

Millicent recently announced her desire to join politics but gave a hint that she might join one of the two parties between MDC and Zanu Pf.

Writing on her twitter site, Millicent said she doesn’t support sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West. It is shocking since it’s her father who called for imposition of those sanctions .

She said the sanctions are hurting the ordinary Zimbabweans and they have to be removed.

She also cited that she is aware that people will assume that she is affiliated to the ruling party because of such.

Millicent is not the first one to go against her father’s ideology in the MDC. Gugu Ncube the daughter of Welshman Ncube is also the part of the Zanu Pf structures in South Africa.