MDC legislator Anele Ndebele has denied being arrested. He has described the news as fake. Strange enough, he doesn’t deny impregnating the rural girl.

Below is the full statement he posted on his facebook account.

Morning family.l wish to bring it to your attention that l am accused of raping a minor and impregnanting her.

While this is dishonourable. I would like to assure you once more that l am a victim of fake news.l did not do what l am alleged to have done.

l have called on the police for the last 24 hours to provide me with details on the issue.The charge sheet has not been coming.

Yet l am vilified by the State Media who for reasons unknown to me have had access to the charge sheet.l am traumatised.There are indications that l am under arrest but l am not.

l shall leave the story here for our spokespersons to interface with the media and shall not comment on the matter again.You have my deepest assurance that this is fake news again!