ED Mnangagwa is alleged to have bought a new very expensive private jet . The private jet was bought from Saudi Arabia .

ED Mnangagwa ‘s new Jet

The air bus with registration number A6-RJX landed in Harare today. It has thirty seats with one bedroom. The speed of the airbus is 853 km/h. Our sources informed us that the value of the jet is more than $70 million USD.

The aircraft has  luxurious VIP lounge area, ideal for family, socializing or informal business meetings. Our sources claim that there is more that meets the eye. It is not clear if ED Mnangagwa paid cash for it as most of our our sources claim that Saudi Arabians are being given diamond mines and land in exchange for the jet.

Zimbabwe ‘s economic has declined to the levels where news of buying a private jet is scary . Ordinary people go to bed without food. Corruption in government is too high .ZANU PF government is not committed in ending corruption and fraud.

Recently ED Mnangagwa was oversees asking for the removal of sanctions. on 25 October ZANU PF is taking to the streets to demonstrate for the removal of sanctions . Surprisingly the courts have not successfully prosecuted and convicted any top government official.