Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi was spotted on the video bowing down to Johane Masowe church members in Botswana .

Our sources claim Masisi is facing tough competition in the upcoming elections after being isolated and dumped by the former president of the country Ian Khama.

President Masisi is seen walking on a red carpet at a Johane Masowe Shrine . Members of the Johane Masowe are singing their popular shona song. ( huya mweya mutsvene uzotishambidza ) That is to say come Holy Spirit cleanse us.

There are many VIP vehicles behind Masisi. You can see government officials and elections material at the shrine. Some posters are inscribed in Tswana with a message that can be translated as “We are with Masisi , you are calling , we are coming”

Senior members of the cult go to Masisi who is already sitting down on the ground at the shrine. They shake hands with him whilst they are standing . He looks like he has given all to them .

President Masisi sought cleansing from the Zimbabwean based church with few days left for Botswana to cast their vote. Masisi is facing real political challenges as former president Ian Khama backed opposition accusing Masisi for being a dictator .

Johane Masowe church has also been the hope of ZANU PF in Zimbabwe. Former president Robert Mugabe always sought cleansing from them. ED Mnangagwa is also seeking their support and cleansing .