Welshman Ncube has been dragged into a massive fight between Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti.

Nelson Chamisa is reported to be afraid of Tendai Biti’s potential of prematurely succeeding him. He fears that Biti is a darling to the West.

This comes after Nelson Chamisa has been consistently denied Visa to visit Britain while Tendai Biti was able to travel without any problem.

The American diplomats also identify Tendai Biti as a friend of the United States while mentioning nothing about Nelson Chamisa.

To distance Tendai Biti from the West, Nelson Chamisa appointed Welshman Ncube to take charge of international relations and diplomacy.

This means that Welshman Ncube is now the party’s face as far as all international issues and diplomatic missions are concerned.

Tendai Biti was then assigned to supervise party activities. This means that he will be monitoring events as if he is an events manager.