All hell broke loose yesterday when fake news spread that Vice President General Chiwenga had died.This did not go far before a huge cyber war started.Melly Mamoyo , one of the founding members of Mvenge Mvenge facebook posted her farewell message to the 2017 New Dispensation Hero which was,

“Famba Famba General Chiwenga Tosangana KuGehena”

This did not go well with Mwenewezho , Kerina Mujati who portrays herself as a die hard G40 and Mugabe supporter.Kerina made a post insulting the members of the facebook group.

Kerina went on to face shame Melly Mamoyo , calling her all sorts of names.She accused her of being a heartless woman for wishing death on another person who is alive.Meridhongo(as she has been called by her haters) , responded by making a hate speech in her group where over 1.5k comments were made to bodyshame Kerina.

Kerina has always said bad things about the new regime and she despise it.Looks like she only wanted attention from the Mvengerians and Sis Mel has helped her.